Anjungan Idrus Tinting Art Culture and Building


Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin or called Riau Art and Culture Bilding, now is one of Riau Province Landmarks. Anjungan Seni placed in Purna MTQ area in Pekanbaru and near from Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport.

Agung An-Nur Riau Mosque

Agung An-Nur Riau is also The Greatest Mosque in Riau ever been. It was built in large area in central of Pekanbaru city . So many visitors come everyday to pray and to get his great serving or only for resting..

Siak Gate Riau

Siak Gate or called Tengku Sultanah Latifah Gate is The Greatest Gate ever been in Riau Province. So much money have spent to build this gate but now, Sika gate such as Riau trademark..

SMAN 1 Pekanbaru Oldtime

You are a former of SMAN 1 Pekanbaru - Riau, you have a chance to see a oldtime photo of your school. Do you think it's not your school?, right this is not millenium photo of your school but It was taken a long time a go....

The Greatest Library of Riau

This Riau great library named Soeman HS. This Riau province's library is The greatest library ever built in Riau. The library supported by high technology, pleasently reading place and may be free hostpot.