Foto Bintang DBL Riau Pos


Foto Bintang DBL Riau Pos
Deteksi Basket Ball (DBL) Riau Pos 2008 Stars Players. "The Giant" Sugiharto (the Shooter).

Foto Bintang DBL Riau PosSanta Maria Pekanbaru's Basket Players (reds) in Final when they faced MAN 2 Model Pekanbaru in 2008.

Riau Deteksi Basket Ball League Begins


Today, February 22, 2009, Riau Deteksi Basket Ball League organizer begin their work to run the largest student basket ball league in Riau called Riau Deteksi Basket Ball League.

I am sorry, those photos were taken a year ago but, I promise you to serve the latest.

The Sprinter of Riau


The Sprinter of RiauWith 30 kg barbells, The Best Riau Woman Sprinter, Yulia Novita tries to sprint in her training. This location is in Rumbai Stadium near Chevron (Caltex).
The Sprinter of Riau
Yulia said: ''Time to rest,"

Torch in Rumbai Stadium Pekanbaru


www or I do not know what the philosophy is but, in every event that bring with it such as Olympic and game, a torch is always standing there. This is the Torch which located in Rumbai Stadium.

Kantor Pekerjaan Umum Burned!


Kantor Pekerjaan Umum Burned! One of The officials of Riau, Kantor Pekerjaan Umum has burned. Some men helped to stop the fire.

Kantor Pekerjaan Umum Burned! The Media said fire comes from rubbish dump and now that office was badly damaged.

Photo: Riau Pos

Haze Affects Riau Airport


Haze Affects Riau AirportRiau Airport, Sultan Syarif Kasim International Airport is covered by haze. A Media in Riau has reported that The Airport runs abnormally caused by the haze but, operation is still going on.

Photo: Riau Pos

Haze in Riau is Abnormal


Haze in Riau is Abnormal
Air in Riau was unhealthy anymore when Haze that caused by burned forest flowed anywhere. The air is so bad in my area now.

Photo: Riau Pos

Riau in Night Vision Part 2


The First is The Old Office of Riau Government and its amazing water squirt in Sudirman Street.

And the second is Governor's living house in Gadjah Mada Street.

Riau in Night Vision


Riau in Night VisionIt is time to show you the night vision of Riau.

Riau in Night VisionOh yeah? (I said to my self), no one wants to stand here at night. At noon, This street is very noisy.

Face of The City


Foto RiauNowadays, Pekanbaru - Riau is planted by citizens building and building everywhere.
Foto RiauLook at these pictures, what is the different?

PLTA Koto Panjang, Kampar


PLTA Koto Panjang, Kampar
The Generator that gives Riau energy. To Build PLTA, we sacrificed at least two villages. That village was watered to make a huge dam. So, a popular and legendary village named Batu Bersurat is now sinking there. This area, PLTA Koto Panjang is best known as recreation place in Kampar, Riau nowadays.

Mahasiswa UIN Suska Riau


Mahasiswa UIN Suska RiauI still use Indonesian in my post title. It was clear that the students do parade, and it also makes you believe that my previous photo is not a demo. At that time - a year ago - I wanted to be that decorated bicycle rider but, my partner said: ''you want to take photos or play that bicycle? ;)

The Cleanest of Indonesia


The Cleanest of IndonesiaPekanbaru is the city that have received awards Adipura as much as four times, as the cleanest city of Indonesia. See the photo above, a clean area in Pekanbaru, Riau.

Demo Mahasiswa UIN Suska Riau


Demo Mahasiswa UIN Suska RiauContinue using Indonesian as title post is not good for you who are foreign, but do not worry. I took this photo a year ago, they - Students - do parade in Islamic New Year. They more look like demonstrators than students that do parade. In Riau, students are identically with demo, I mean who usually does the demo is students. Students are Agents of change, did you know that philosophy?

Protest Jalan A Yani Satu Arah


Protest Jalan search A YaniNot all of people agree with government’s decision. Some people in Ahmad Yani protest that decision; most of them are traditional market trader in Ahmad Yani Street. They argue that their earning decreased because of that decision.

Photo by:

Real Indonesia in Riau


Real Indonesia in RiauWhat did I mean? Indonesia is best known as a green country. Now I serve you that "green", a wet rice field. Photographer said, that place is in Rangsang Barat - an agriculture area in Riau.

St. Ahmad Yani, Pekanbaru


St. Ahmad Yani, PekanbaruAhmad Yani is the highest General who called as the hero of revolution in Indonesia. His name is now popular as name of street. Ahmad Yani's way in Pekanbaru, Riau is very busy street with high traffic. Now, the major has decision to make it one way street.

Photo by:

Golf in Riau


Golf is not too popular in Riau, as you know it is expensive sport that limits for high class community. Has some field or yard for playing golf is enough for Riau Province. As I know there are four spots which golf is usually played:

1. Pekanbaru Golf Course Country Club, di Kubang, Kulim,
2. Simpang Tiga Golf Course, di Komplek AURI,
3. Rumbai Golf Course, di komplek IKSORA Rumbai,
4. The Newest one: Lambersa Pekanbaru

Real Indonesian Girl from Riau


Real Indonesian Girl from RiauActually, She is not a model or artist, she is only a student is Riau University. This photo is taken for Riau Young Teenager, Xpresi Riau Pos This week Edition. It was published in X-style page.

Real Indonesian Girl from RiauShe is naturally form Riau, has oriental face and small body structure like common eastern girl.

What do you think about this real Indonesain girl?

Worker in Sudirman Pekanbaru


Worker in Sudirman PekanbaruSudirman Street is a prime city street in Pekanbaru Riau. It was so noisy and busy there, almost no space for walkers in that street. The Worker enjoys his duty building Sudirman's new sidewalk.

Soeman HS Library of Riau


Soeman HS Library of RiauThis is the back section of Soeman HS Library, The greatest library in Riau or may be in Sumatra. The library was designed like an opened book; check Pustaka Soeman HS out here.

PCR, Free Smoke Area Campus


PCR,  Free Smoke Area CampusFree Smoke Area. Is my English is correct to describe "The area where smoking activity is forbidden"? Yeah, I am not a good English learner. This photo is just about The Campus of Politeknik Caltex Riau, no one is allowed to smoke in that area.

A Traditional House of Riau


A Traditional House of RiauThis photo is taken from the beach, exactly from the sea. All houses here have similar type, place high from the land and of course that is not a Traditional House of Riau which named "Selaso Jatuh Kembar".

Imlek Celebration in Riau


Imlek Celebration in RiauImlek is one of Tiong Hoa ethnic celebrations. In Rain Tong Hoax community, such as other Indonesia Tong Hoax Communities, also celebrate this event. Today, The Second of February Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono attends this celebration in Jakarta.

Tuanku Tambusai Street Pekanbaru


Tuanku Tambusai Street PekanbaruThis is s vital street in Pekanbaru - Riau. There are two streets form the city, St. Sudirman which is horizontally from north to south and St. Tuanku Tambusai which is vertically from East to West.

Students Activity in PMDK UIN


Students Activity in PMDK UINWhat a hell are they doing? First we have to know about a custom in University, there is a section when the first time we enter the campus is introduction section. Introduce about the campus situation, culture, this and that... that activity is just a trick of their seniors.

Gedung UIN Suska Riau


Gedung Rektorat UIN Suska RiauThis is one of new UIN Suska Riau's buildings; it is a great academy building in Riau. There are 10 building more which have similar character with it. Resimen Mahasiswa UIN Riau: Resimen Mahasiswa of Menwa is military form organization in every campus in Indonesia.

Faculty of Education and Teacher Learning UIN


Faculty of Education and Teacher Learning UINAll of theme - who uses black white clothes - is new student of Faculty of Education and Teacher Learning in UIN Suska Riau. This faculty became popular because of an issue, issue that Government is going to raise the salary of Teachers and Lectures.