Tropic Means Rain, It's Riau


Idrus Tintin PekanbaruI got wet two days ago, that day is full of rain. Dropped by Indrus Tintin Pekanbaru which still looks handsome. You know, the rain only stopped for minutes. We do hope it ends at the end this month.

Riau Football Team Supporters


Askar Theking, Pekanbaru Riau Football Team SupporterRiau has a reputable football team named PSPS Pekanbaru or Pekanbaru Football Club. Previous season in Indonesian Super League, the highest level Indonesian football competition, PSPS got the seventh position. As a promotion team, PSPS is the best on that rank. Look that happy supporters! Pekanbaru Football Club has number of fanatic supporter, male and female together support PSPS. Has your city its own fanatic football supporters? :)

Real Indonesian Girl - January 2011


This is the recent edition of real Indonesian girl. I know, there are still many friends wonder about the real face of Indonesian girls, especially the girs come from Riau.
Hot Indonesian GirlShe is malay Riau girl, the indigenous Indonesian girl with special shape of face, yellow skin and not too short or high.

Sexy Indonesian GirlLook the legs of the girl, not too long.

 New year Indonesian GirlReal Riau girl is living in tropical area that affects her body.

indigenous indonesian girl, Indonesian Girl

Real Indonesian Girl January 2011 Edition

Real Indonesian Girl New  Edition

New Real Indonesian Girl

Real Indonesian Girl January 2011 EditionWhat do you think the second edition of real Riau girl in this blog? give your comment.