Traffic Jam On Jendral Sudirman St.


Try to get traffic jam in Sudirman Street Pekanbaru - Riau, never. This Protocol street too small for big city like Pekanbaru. Look at that traffic, can you imagine how many miles per hour do the cars move?.

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raccoonlover1963 said...

I'll pass on the traffic. I had enough of bad traffic when I lived in Orlando.

Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

You captured the day to day situation well. It's a great documentation.

Hendrawan said...

To raccoon lover : he..3x, good experience..

To Mas Eki : thanks brother..

Hilda said...

Omg, hahaha! Traffic here in Manila gets this bad in some places too! And yes, we use those barriers and cones too so people don't drive on the lane going the other way. Like in your photo though, people do anyway once the barriers have ended. Sigh.

Murphy_jay said...

OMG....I wouldn't want to be stuck in there.

Is this a daily occurence?

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