Old Riau Government Office


Old Riau Government OfficeDo you still remember Modern Riau Government Office photo that I have posted before. It is a good idea to show you the old version of it. I do not know what function of this old building in the future is.

This building is historical and too legend to forget or destroying it. At least 52 Governors ever stabilized Riau from the building including Wan Abu Bakar, The last Governor before general election that will be held at the end of this month

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rilham2new said...

Hends, ini bahasa Inggris nya pake SOFTWare Translator, ya ?? Paragraf 2 kalimat 1 itu agak kacau tuh tata bahasanya. Kata "stabilized" itu bikin artinya melenceng. Dan Riau gak pernah punya gubernur sampe 52 orang. Banyak banget :D hehehehe ...

Hmm, the old building of Kantor Gubernur will still b used even after, the new building starting to operate. The division under Governor's ordinates will remain in the old building. While, the divisions which handle domestic and foreign investations will be soon moved to the new building, in order to make an easy investment under one-roof.

Riau said...

ups.. sorry I mean 12 not 52. No, nggak pake translator makanya salah.. maksudnya established

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