Masjid Agung Sultan Syarif Hasyim - Malay Culture Design


Masjid Agung Sultan Syarif Hasyim - Malay Culture DesignSultan Syarif Hasyim is Sultan Syarif Kasim II's father or may be his grandfather. As a kind Sultan, his Name takes for a Malay Culture Design's mosque that placed near Sultanah Agung Latifah Bridge. Now, that mosque became a proudly Muslim in Siak and it became one of The Siak Regent's icons.

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the donG said...

quite a nice door pillar.

eunice said...

I have been to churches in Europe, temples in China but really don't have a chance to step into a mosque before, though we have a lot of muslim friends here! Are women allowed into the mosque? No right? Nice pics.

babooshka said...

I am always surprised you are able to take camera into such scared places. Great imagery.

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