Banjir Buluh Cina, Kampar


Banjir Buluh Cina, KamparOk, flood becomes my main subject to photograph and publish. That photo shows us a local government in Bulu Cina, Regent Kampar Riau. Actually below of the building is river but, caused by flood that area becomes like a huge pond or sea. What do you think?

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JM said...

The building is beautiful! I just love indonesian architecture roofs.
The flood is really impressive, but it's not monsoon time now, right?
Answering to your question, yes, that was concert.

Hilda said...

I love the building too!

I hope the people got away safely. Looks like they were ready for the flood with that boat there.

Happens every year to a couple of provinces here in the Philippines. But these are rice lands so the floods are expected and welcome. The houses' living areas are on the upper level and each family keeps a little boat.

babooshka said...

To me this is a se to you it is a problem you have a adapted too. We take so many things for granted in the west.

Hendrawan said...

@JM:Many types of ndonesian architecture roofs, that building is only in Riau.. I love it too.

Hilda: of course they're safe Hilda..

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