Cat Family from Riau


Foto Riau - Cat Family from RiauIllegal logging affects many sectors; one of them is in decrease animals’ life area. A cat family (we call it Harimau Dahan that is similar with panther) is caught by villagers. Almost no border area such as large forest among human and animal, they are (in Riau) very close.

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Hilda said...

Illegal logging is a big problem here too. I'm glad they were able to save this big cat. What will happen to it now?

Palembang Dalam Sketsa said...

Nice blog.....salam kenal...

Difa said...

Nice Blog,,,, :)
salam kenal yah,,
Aq jg asalnya dr riau.. ^^,
Jgn lupa yah,,kunjungi jg

Anonymous said...

kegiatan lapangan PCR ga ada ya pak?
boleh dong di post.. Thanks.. ^^

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