Honda DBL Riau Pos 2009


Honda DBL Riau Pos 2009Deteksi Basketball League (DBL) is biggest basketball league for senior high school in Indonesia.
This is the second time DBL is held in Riau, the event is called "Honda DBL Riau Pos 2009.

A year ago, Honda DBL Riau Pos 2008 this event shocked Riau students because no such as event like this before.

Yesterday, Honda DBL Riau Pos 2009 began. At least, six hundreds supporters came to opening ceremony in Hall A Sports Center Rumbai Pekanbaru, Riau. The DBL Riau Pos 2009 final match will be held at March 7.

Photo By: Riau Pos

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Sally said...

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Anonymous said...

hihihi..lagi menunggu nih, DBL di Jogja...kangen ama atmosfirnya..^^

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